A 20 acre inherited land in a beautiful spot in Meepe, Padukka

A 20 acre inherited land in a beautiful spot in Meepe, Padukka

34km from Colombo. 1.5 Hrs away from Colombo.

This land is surrounded by rubber estates. .

There is a beautiful rock in the middle of the rubber cultivation.

There is a clean water stream running through that is historical Aanda dola, which doesn't interfere with the land. From the rock top one could see Adams Peak lights around 6pm.

The land is 1/2 a kilometers only from the main road,

It has a clear 30 feet tarred road access to the entrance.

There are no other hotels in the area. There is scope for a variety of activities for holiday makers within this land area itself.

Leisure world is also a only 15 minutes away from this land. This land is also very close to the Kottawa highway which leads to the airport where foreigners can book via internet directly and could be hosted in a case of a boutique hotel concept. The entrance to this land is very historical. and attractive, passing a beautiful Tea villa.

It was recently estimated, that the rock is very valuable with granite at some sections, and also this particular land with rock is best for a boutique hotel or a posh retirement village for an eco friendly money making investment.

If necessary, I can also introduce, who could discuss If necessary, with a potential buyer the construction of it, creatively and effectively. (Kandalama effect with a mini pool on the section of rock) or Japanese style wooden floor eco friendly cost effective project. All these are of immense scope.

This will give any investor enough profits, blessings from the villagers for creating job opportunities and obviously blessings from Mother Nature.

(If you make an appointment you can visit the land where you will be proved of EVERYTHING above - including the Granite part if you bring a veteran on Rock. This extra rock will generate enough cash to build the boutique eco friendly hotel etc.)

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